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Fine Point Stylus Pen for iPad

The Apex fine point stylus delivers a true pen on paper writing experience on the iPad, making it the perfect tool for digital writing and drawing.

Use instantly with many popular note taking apps without the need to connect to Bluetooth. Simply pick it up, turn it on, and let your ideas take flight!

Apex Fusion with TruGlide Tip Technology
► NEW Patented Fiber Polymer Tip
► Compatible with iOS and Android
► No Bluetooth Required
► Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Apex Fusion

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    Apex Fine Point Stylus Pen
    ► Built-In Rechargeable Battery
    ► No Bluetooth Required
    ► Power Saving Feature
    ► Compatible with iPad Air, Mini, 2/3/4

    Rechargeable Apex

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    Apex Fine Tip Active Stylus for Note Taking
    ► Smart Sense Power Saver
    ► Active Grip Zone
    ► Replaceable AAA Battery
    ► Compatible with iPad Air, Mini, 2/3/4
    Get the most out of your Apex
    While the Apex will work with any app, there are many factors within an app that can affect how it works with an active stylus. We’ve narrowed down the best note-taking apps so you can get the absolute best out of your Apex!
    Inkredible App
    Notes Plus App
    Notes Plus
    GoodNotes App
    Noteshelf App