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The New Pen and Paper

The Apex by Lynktec with its unique active circuitry and precise 2mm tip is the next gen stylus. With a >90% reduction in tip area
compared to current passive styluses on the market, the Apex gives the user a true pen-to-pad writing experience on the iPad.

The Apex does not require Bluetooth or any specific applications to function - simply pick it up, turn it on, and let your ideas take flight!

Apex II

Fine Point Active Stylus

Apex II Plus

Fine Point Active Stylus

Smart SenseTM

Apex II Plus goes into power saving mode after three minutes of inactivity. Simply touch the stylus to your screen to wake it up again. After 20 minutes of inactivity, the stylus will power off to conserve battery life.

Silent Tip Technology

Conductive polymer nibs glide smoothly and silently for a natural feel. Available in both firm and soft to personalize your writing experience.

No Bluetooth Required

Instantly works with any application without the need to sync to Bluetooth, eliminating common connectivity issues.

Powered by AAA Battery

Triple A battery is included and can be easily replaced when needed.



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