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Apex Stylus

The New Pen and Paper

Apple revolutionized the world with the iPad, and our goal is to bring that same elegance and simplicity with the design of the Apex by LYNKtec. Our engineers worked hard to develop a super-fine, hard-point stylus that delivers a realistic pen to paper writing experience on tablets. Simply pick it up, turn it on, and let your ideas take flight!

TruGlide Stylus

The Power is in the Tip

After embracing the challenge of developing the perfect passive touchscreen stylus, the people at LYNKtec are proud to bring you the TruGlide, a precise, smooth gliding, durable stylus. LYNKtec’s TruGlide brand of styluses feature a patented conductive fiber tip that glides across your screen like silk. So go on, discover the best in passive stylus technology with the TruGlide.

TruGlide Pro Precision Stylus

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TruGlide Stylus with Pocket Clip

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TruGlide Stylus with Tether

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TruGlide Duo Stylus Pen

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Smartie Cloth

Keeping it Clean

Our product designers at LYNKtec are serious about germs—serious germ-a-phobes, that is. We wanted to bring a product to the consumer that is both appealing and purposeful in the cleaning of your iPad screen, glasses, lenses & more; that’s how we came up with the Smartie cloth. The Smartie is not only a plushy, deluxe, antibacterial cleaning cloth, but a mini representation of self. With over 40 designs ranging from the artistic to whimsical, we know that you will find a Smartie cloth that shows off your personality. Makes a perfect gift for that tech-savvy person in your life, too!

Masterpiece Gallery

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Vintage Flair

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Graffiti Line

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Historical Moments

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Contemporary Collection

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Clean-a-Roo Joey

On-the-Go Cleaning

If you're like us, a grimy, smudgy smart phone or tablet screen is a daily frustration. The Clean-a-Roo Joey is a mini cleaning pouch that unfolds into a microfiber cloth. The pouch is conveniently sized at 2 ½ x 2 ½ inches with an attached 6 x 6 inch microfiber cloth hidden inside. Attach your favorite Joey to a keychain, backpack, or just stick it in your purse for on-the-go screen cleaning! The Clean-a-Roo Joey is the perfect accessory for safely cleaning all screens and lenses - without the need for messy chemicals! P.S. We love to use the Joey on our sunglasses, too!

iPad & Tablet Stands

Take a Stand for your iPad

Tablets are quickly changing the way we view the world, so why not fully optimize your viewing experience? Our iPad stands are functional, portable, and compatible with all tablets and eReaders, too!

360 Grip Stand

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Smart Stand

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Cases, Chargers, & Accessories

Accessorize Your Technology

You've got the snazzy smart phone and/or tablet, so why not accessorize? Choose from our cases, chargers, and other accessories to get the most out of your touchscreen experience.

Exo|Tec Clutch Case

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Dual USB Car Charger

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Artist Paintbrush Tip Accessory

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