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Reeljuice Portable Power Bank with 48 inch retractable charging cable
"[Reeljuice is] my go-to travel charger of choice because of its flexibility and design."
This portable power bank charger with built in 48 inch cable and removable rapid wall charger or USB module is the ultimate all in one charging solution. With a 4 ft retractable charging cord, both Apple certified MFi Lightning and Android micro USB connectors, and your choice of removable charging module, our solution has you covered to ensure no extra cables are needed. Reeljuice is available in 5300 mAh and 8000 mAh models which is enough juice to fully recharge your iPhone, Galaxy, or other smartphone up to five times.

Not Just Another Battery in a Box

Built-in 48" Charging Cable

Never worry about losing your power cords again.

No Extra Cables Required

Reeljuice has everything you need in one simple solution.

MFi Lightning and Micro-USB Connectors

We've got both iOS and Android users covered.

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