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8 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Spring 2018 Projects You’ll Love to DIY

April 27, 2018 3 min read

So normally we talk tech on the Lynktec blog, but we’re Chicago-based so we have spring fever because if you know anything about this area, you know winters can be tough! But it’s spring here (thank god!) and images fill the mind with everything from gorgeous greenery bursting with colors of spring to bright new home décor to trendy fashion.

If you’re like me, springtime means new and fresh – house, wardrobe, yard – all need a creative approach to shake off the last vestiges of winter!  Of course, we also have the inevitable spring cleanup projects and the rounds of gift-giving occasions like Mother’s Day.  I thought it would be fun to curate some fun, simple ideas to help inspire all of us to get creative this spring!  Here are my top 8 ideas to get you in the creative mood (and if they turn out the way you like, you can give them as gifts).

1. Calling all wine lovers!
Spruce up your patio or deck with these citronella candles made from your upcycled wine bottles (and help the environment, too). This easy craft makes a great outdoor table decoration and will help keep those bothersome mosquitos at bay.
Get the DIY tutorial atHello Glow.

2.  Add a fold-over polka dot accented clutch to your accessory collection!
This pretty bag is made from soft leather and makes a great little evening purse or jewelry travel pouch. If you’ve ever sewn a zip pouch, then this should be fairly simple for you to make.

You can get the tutorial atPolkadot Chair, including a few tips and trick to make your clutch as cute as the one in the photo.

3. Bring the colors of spring inside by creating your own miniature garden!
Terrariums came of age in the Victorian era and are enjoying a newfound popularity.  You can splurge by buying one already made at a fancy garden store or if you want to be more budget conscious, these are fun and easy to do yourself.  Makes a great project to do with kids!

TIP: Don’t use succulents or cacti in your terrarium as those tend to rot in a matter of a few weeks.

4. Create a photography gallery wall!
A blank wall (or just one that needs updating!) can be your own creative canvas.  The art to creating a beautiful gallery wall is in symmetry and selection.  For instance, try choosing all black and white images and framing them in frames of similar material, size, and/or color.

If you prefer a more eclectic look, you can use a variety of unique frames and sizes but then you probably will want your images to relate in some way (theme, finish, etc.) so that you have visual harmony in the space.

5.  Make your front door inviting with DIY 5-minute umbrella wreath!
If you like quick and easy projects that still pack a punch, this simple and slightly unorthodox, “wreath” requires only minimal supplies and prep. The results will have you smiling each time you look at your front door, or give it to your mom for Mother’s Day.

Find the instructions for this visual interpretation of the saying, “April showers bring May flowers” at One Good Thing by Jillee.

6.  Spring cleaning is in the air, but those fabrics and linens may still smell like winter!
So fling open the windows and try making an All-natural Fabric Refreshing Spray using essential oils.  This effective deodorizing spray contains just 3 natural ingredients, and has a much more subtle scent than its store-bought counterparts.
The main ingredient is baking soda, for its natural odor-absorbing powers. The baking soda is dissolved in a bit of heated distilled water, along with the essential oil of your choosing (the citrus blends provide a super fresh scent). And that’s it!

7.  Add charm to your garden pathways by creating (or custom ordering) personalized garden stones!
Believe it or not, I found these on walmart.com fairly cheaply ($32) and thought that they would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

8.  Finally, you probably need put the sometimes heavy cuisine of winter behind you and nothing says spring like colorful, light foods!
Bon Appetit has a delightful recipe for Roasted Strawberry-Buttermilk Sherbet which you and your entire family are sure to enjoy!

We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment or send us a photo of your DIY ideas!
By The Lynktec Team

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