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Apple Expected to Release New Gold iPhone

August 27, 2013

I remember my very first cell phone was a forest green Ericsson flip phone (with a little green screen just big enough to fit a phone number).  I don't think you could even play Snake on it.  One of my sister's first cell phones was a shiny pink Razr.  Now of course, we can buy cases in a million different colors and styles, but our phones are still typically black or white.

glittery gold iphone case - just kidding
Just kidding!

Well get ready to camp outside your closest Apple Store, because Apple is expected to come out with a brand new gold iPhone 5S.  Here's a picture of it!!!
Here's the real one....

gold iphone, black iphone, white iphone
Stunning new gold iPhone with its classic black and white siblings

Apple iPhone 5S champagne gold

The new iPhone color has also been referred to as "champagne" and looks very sleek and classy.  Gold is a popular color for smartphones in China, so some suggest Apple is hoping to increase sales there.  Click here to see a stunning slideshow of high-resolution images of the new gold iPhone from Phone Arena.

high-res image of new iphone

Check out this article from our friends at PC Mag - iPhone Rumor Roundup: Gold iPhone 5S Pics, 5C Price - to read the rumors and tidbits about Apple's upcoming products.  This article also has information about the new lower-priced iPhone 5C.  Rumor has it these new products may be launched September 10!

By Jennie S.

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