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Fantastic Four New Products from LYNKtec

March 06, 2014 3 min read

movie poster and best new tech products

You know and love your TruGlide Stylus.  You keep your Smartie Microfiber Cleaning Cloth in your pocket for quick and easy screen cleaning.  But what else can you get from LYNKtec?  Well, we are now proud to offer you these fantastic four new products - the Exo|Tec Clutch Case for iPhone 5/5S, the 360 Grip Stand for tablets, the Champagne Gold TruGlide Stylus with Tether, and the Dual USB Car Charger.

See how our brand new products match up with the Fantastic Four superheroes below!

Exo|Tec Clutch Case | Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5S

With as often as we have our phones in our hands, it makes sense to have a functional, efficient case.  There are phone cases that double as Swiss army knives.  Ok, you may need that someday.  But this phone case doubles as the frequently-used wallet, AND it can make it through airport security without hearing "sir, I need you to step over to the side.  Male agent needed!"

The lightweight, hard protective phone case features a hidden faux leather wallet with a magnetic closure.  The perfect way to securely and conveniently keep your stuff at hand.  The two card slots can store your driver's license, credit card, Starbucks gift card, PetSmart rewards card - whatever is most useful to you, right at your fingertips.

a wallet and a phone case in one, hidden wallet for security and convenience
Exo|Tec Clutch Case | Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5S

360 Grip Stand | Universal Tablet Stand

Stick the 360 Grip Stand to the back of your tablet for slip-free support.  The lightweight and sturdy aluminum stand rotates 360 degrees, so you can instantly flip from portrait to landscape mode.  The stand is perfect for keeping your tablet in place while taking notes, reading, watching movies, and playing games.  You can carry it around by the handle, and then lay it flat when you're done.  Look up a gourmet recipe and prop your tablet up in the kitchen while channeling your inner Gordon Ramsay.

adjustable tablet stand perfect for any use ipad
360 Grip Stand | Universal Tablet Stand

TruGlide Stylus | Champagne Gold w/Tether

The Champagne Gold TruGlide Stylus with Tether is the perfect accessory for your gold iPhone!  The end snaps into the headphone jack on your phone, so you'll always have your stylus ready for immediate use.  The high-quality woven fiber tip provides smooth, precise, scratch-free navigating.  It also looks great with black and white phones, if you love the stylish gold look, but you're not quite ready to buy an iPhone 5S yet.

match your stylus to your iphone
TruGlide Stylus | Champagne Gold w/Tether

Dual USB Car Charger | for iPhone, iPad, iPod and More

No more comparing who has the lowest battery percentage to determine who gets to charge their phone. This car charger has two 5-volt USB ports for two times the charging.  I use this nearly every day, and in my opinion, it's one of the most useful LYNKtec products I have.

Quickly and safely charge any device that uses a USB port.  Cheap car chargers continue the flow of power into your phone even after it's fully charged, causing long-term damage to the battery.  However, the Dual USB Car Charger features a "smart charge" function, stopping the charge at 100% to prevent damage to your phone.

most useful car charger for your phone
Dual USB Car Charger | for iPhone, iPad, iPod and more

How Do the New LYNKtec Products Compare to the Fantastic Four Characters?

Match LYNKtec's new products to Marvel's Fantastic Four

Invisible Woman vs. Exo|Tec Clutch Case

Tough and protective, the wallet case defends your phone against damage.  The wallet becomes invisible in an instant, hiding itself from the bad guys.

Fantastic Four and LYNKtec's amazing new tech products

 Mr. Fantastic vs. 360 Grip Stand

Flexible and slim, the 360 grip stand adjusts to any angle for any use.  The ingenious, engineering marvel flattens and rotates to win any battle.

New LYNKtec products compared to Fantastic Four characters

Human Torch vs. Champagne Gold TruGlide Stylus w/Tether

Fierce and sleek, this tether is always close at hand and ready for action.  Blaze through the tech metropolis with this hot new stylus.

how do the new LYNKtec products compare to Fantastic Four characters

The Thing vs. Dual USB Car Charger

Energizing and powerful, the Dual USB Car Charger gives a super boost of power to your phone without smashing the battery.  Your phone is juiced up and ready to tackle the world.

Which Fantastic Four character is your favorite?  Which is your favorite new LYNKtec product?  All of these are available from LYNKtec.com if you haven't had the chance to try them yet!

By Jennie S.

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