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Top 10 Must-Have Apps You Probably Don't Have Yet

August 15, 2014 1 min read

How many apps would you say are currently on your phone? Now, how many of those apps do you actually use on a regular basis? I can't tell you how many times I end up deleting apps because they just take up space and I never use them. It's time to save your space for awesome apps you won't want to live without! Here are the Top 10 Must-have Apps you probably don't have yet:

4. Shazam

6. iTranslate Voice   

8. Uber 

Do you have a favorite website that you would like quick access to?
Save it to your home screen!
Here's how:

 First, go to website you would like to save in Safari on your iPhone.

With all of these extremely useful apps you can be sure to get the best use out of your smartphone. The amount of money and time I have saved with having all of these apps are immeasurable. See what these apps might do for you!

What are some of your favorite apps? Share below! We'd love to hear about them!
By Jennie S.

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