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Top 5 Favorite iPhone Hacks

July 25, 2014 2 min read

Top 5 Favorite iPhone Hacks


Do you ever wonder what other cool uses there are for your iPhone? I know I’m always looking for some little tips and tricks to navigating my smartphone. Here are some fun things I have recently come across.


  • Your iPhone can double as a Level
    If you ever wonder if your picture is hanging straight but don’t have time to find a level somewhere in your garage, then this will definitely come in handy! All you have to do is open your compass app that comes on the iPhone, slide the screen to the left and your level will appear! Now you have a handy level no matter where you go!

  • Use the volume button to take a photo
    Instead of having to use the circular button that appears in the camera app, there is another easy way to take a quick shot. Simply aim the camera towards your target and click down on either of the volume buttons to snap your photo fast!

  • Hold down the photo button to take a “Burst” of frames
    If the subject you are trying to capture is moving really fast or you simply don’t want to miss out on a great shot, then this is extremely helpful! If you hold down the photo button (either the volume button or the white circle) the camera will take 10 frames per second. Just keep holding the button down until you are done shooting!

  • Shake your phone to delete text
    Ever start typing something and then decide you don’t want to send it? Sometimes using the backspace button can take too long when you’re in a rush. Simply shake your phone and a message will pop-up asking if you wa nt to delete the text, then click undo. All of your recently typed text will disappear and you can start typing again from scratch.

  • Seeing what time my text sent
    I love this one! It’s great for seeing how long ago I sent my text or looking back to see when my friend sent me something. All you have to do is slide left when you are looking at a conversation. Then all the time stamps of each text will appear.

  • Hopefully some of these quick iPhone Hacks will come in handy! They have definitely helped me make better use of my iPhone and made my life just a little bit easier.
    By Jennie S.

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