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What Are the Top 5 Backup Power Solutions? | Best On-the-Go Power

January 06, 2015 4 min read

Running out of juice on your smartphone or tablet when you're on-the-go and need to stay connected is a real problem for technology addicts and smartphone users alike. So, in order to determine a good solution, I've researched the top 5 backup power solutions for backup battery needs.

backup power for smartphones
The dreaded low battery symbol is no longer an issue

1.Without wanting to appear opportunistic and because (as you will see) this truly is a new innovation in the somewhat saturated portable power market, I want to give a mention to the future of backup power solutions just unveiled at the CES 2015 in Las Vegas and the winner of the CES Innovations award in portable power, Lynktec's Reeljuice.

retractable cord backup charger
Image of Reeljuice, the first of it's kind in backup power

What sets Reeljuice apart from other backup battery solutions on the market?
  • Reeljuice is the world's first backup battery to include a 48" retractable cord. This means no fumbling around for too-short or lost cords
  • Reeljuice has a 10 watt rapid wall charger that will simultaneously charge the portable charger and your device when plugged into the wall
  • It has a long-lasting, high quality Li-ion batteries and is available in 2 versions; at 4,800 mAh and a 10,400 mAh models
  • Reeljuice has a folding USB port for on-the-go charging, and an additional USB port for dual charging needs
  • Reeljuice has a handy 100 lumen LED flashlight and a LED power gauge so you never run out of juice
  • It also includes micro-USB and MFi lightening plug adapters for both Android and iOS 
  • Reeljuice has the power to charge a smartphone 6 times before needing to re-charge the Reeljuice
  • It has a 10,400 mAh battery capacity all inside a slim, modular design 
  • It has just become available for pre-order!
2.The next backup power solution I want to mention is the Mycharge Rapid Recharge Max! 

portable charging mycharge
Image of Mycharge Rapid Recharge Max

The Mycharge Rapid Recharge Max has a lot of great features as well.

  • The Rapid Recharge Max allows for 36 hours of talk time before needing to re-charge
  • It includes built in wall prongs making it an at-home charger and an on-the-go backup charge
  • The Rapid Recharge Max has LED charge indicators so you know how much juice your charger has at all times
  • It also claims to charge your device 25 percent faster
  • It has an 8,000 mAh lithium ion battery
  • The Mycharge includes 2 USB ports and has 3.4A max output
  • Mycharge products, including the Rapid Recharge Max, come with detachable charging cables, however they are not retractable or permanently attached to your charger
  • The retail price for the Rapid Recharge Max is $119.99
  • Mycharge products range from $29.99-to-$129.99
  • It is compatible for both Android and Apple users

Mycharge offers a large range of charging products which makes them a great choice for someone looking for many different options to meet specific lifestyle needs.

3. Next I want to mention the Mophie Powerstation Plus. 

mophie charger for on the go
Image of Mophie Powerstation Plus

The Mophie Powerstation Plus has lots of great features to check out! 
  • For this particular backup battery you have the choice between battery capacities ranging from 3,000 mAh to 12,000 mAh
  • The Powerstation Plus is compatible with Apple products, smartphones and tablets
  • It includes what Mophie calls a smart charge circuitry, to aid in not over charging your devices
  • There is also a built in charging cable, however it is very short making talking while charging virtually impossible
  • The Powerstation Plus has a charge speed of 2.4A
  • Depending on the battery size you chose for this product, the talk time ranges from 3.5 hours to 36 hours
  • The Mophie products in the Universal Battery Line range, which includes the Powerstation Plus, range from $49.95-to-$129.95
Another awesome feature of the Mophie website is they allow for customers to shop by device. This makes finding the perfect backup power for your needs quick and easy. 
4.Next up is the Charging Vault by Seidio. 
android portable charger
Image of the Seidio Charging Vault 
The Seidio charging vault is another great option by a lesser-known brand for backup charging.

  • The Charging Vault includes LED light indicators so you can be aware of how much battery your backup supply has left
  • The retail price of the Charging Vault is $49.95 if you order it without a cord, and $59.95 for the "kit" which includes a detachable cord
  • The Charging Vault has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent over charging your devices
  • It is compatible with USB devices including Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones
  • A downside to this charger is it is not recommended for use with tablets 
  • The Charging Vault includes wall prongs making it an at-home charger as well
  • It takes six-to-eight hours to charge completely using the wall 
  • Seidio states it takes approximately two-to-three hours to charge your device depending on your devices battery size
  • It also includes two USB ports
  • Seidio portable chargers range in price from $49-$69 
This portable charger is great for someone with simple needs but not-so-great for those looking to use the charger for both a phone and a tablet. 
5.Last but not least I want to mention the MiPow Power Tube designed for Apple uses.

The MiPow is another awesome choice to consider when looking into backup power solutions.

  • A major aspect that sets the MiPow Power Tube apart from other chargers is it was designed specifically for Apple products
  • It also includes a USB port which allows it to be used with other non-Apple devices when the user uses their original charging cord
  • The Power Tube has a 2,600 mAh battery capacity 
  • It has a Li-ion battery and LED battery indicator lights
  • MiPow states it has a charge time of four-to-five hours
  • Another feature is because it was specifically built for Apple products, it comes with Apple adapters built in
  • If you are a non-Apple user, you will need to provide your own charging cord
  • The Power Tube also comes in an assortment of 10 different colors

The MiPow Power Tube is a great choice for Apple users, however may be a bit of a hassle for Android or Windows users.

Whether you depend on your portable devices for business or play, backup power sources are a must. I hope this list helped narrow your search and made choosing a product a piece of cake! 
Let me know what you think is the best portable power solution in the comments below!

By Olivia G.

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