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What you need to know about Google Map Shoes

August 29, 2014

If you're anything like me, you have a horrible sense of direction. Walking around a new city can be a nightmare if you don't have a GPS of some sort. I strongly depend on Google Maps on my phone to get me everywhere, and I mean, everywhere. The only problem: starring down at your phone while walking isn't exactly safe either. That's why a company called Ducere Technologies created Lechel Smart Shoes and Insoles to sync with your Google Maps! Here's what you need to know about this new, incredible technology.

1. Uses Bluetooth

Put your route into your phone and sync your Smart Shoes to an app that will pull your route from Google Maps. Once synced, your shoes will automatically know the route you are headed. 

2. Vibrates when you need to Turn

When the route shows you need to turn right, your right foot will vibrate. And, when you need to turn left, your left foot will vibrate. This takes away the need to look at your phone, therefore you can actually pay attention to your surroundings! :) 

3. Removable Bluetooth Soles

Each shoe will include a removable sole and the company will also sell the soles separately for those that will want to have the same technology with other shoes they own. 

4. Uses a Rechargeable Battery

There is a slot in the back of the Removable sole where you can insert a rechargeable battery. There's an added bonus: They are going to sell charger as an accessory for it that  has been named the "World's First Interactive Charger." It will give you audio feedback letting you know its charging level when you snap your fingers! (umm...whaaat?)  This will plug right into the wall and have a slot perfect for the battery!

5. Proximity Alerts

These shoes can send alerts directly to your phone when cool landmarks are nearby. This would be great for tourists walking around a new area! Not only can your shoes tell you about landmarks, they will immediately alert you if you leave your phone somewhere. I have to say, this is a hugeselling point! Those whom rely on their phone definitely don't want to get lost without it. 
I found there is still a lot the company is developing and hope to have included in these Lechel Smart Shoes. A couple articles suggest that the company also hopes to take step further and have the shoes used as a wearable fitness monitor. This would track steps as well as calories burned. I think this would be a great addition because people are always looking for easy, fun ways to burn calories and keep track.

There is not a defined release date at this time since they are still working on a few details, but people are already signing up for pre-order notifications! You can do so here. :) I know I will be keeping my eyes and ears opened to see of the release date! Check out their video below!

So, would you buy Lechel Smart Shoes?
By Jennie S.

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