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Clean-a-Roo Joey | Whooo Are You?

The Clean-a-Roo Joey microfiber cloth with attached pouch is perfectly sized to stick in your pocket, hook on a keychain, or attach to your backpack. The Clean-a-Roo Joey mini pouch unfolds into a full-sized 6” x 6” cleaning cloth. Crafted of premium, antibacterial microfiber, the plush pouch will safely clean your touchscreen, and the silky inside cloth will polish it back to its original shine. Conveniently sized to clean your screen, glasses, or lenses wherever you go!

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"I was looking for something small and portable and this is perfect! It does a great job of keeping my iPhone and iPad screens clean." - Lynktec Customer


100% premium microfiber cleaning cloth with attached pouch

Eco-friendly antibacterial protection 

Machine washable on cold. tumble dry on low

Perfectly sized to carry with you on-the-go

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