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Flip Stylus Artist Kit with Fiber, Disc, and Paint Brush Tips

The World's Most Intuitive Smart Stylus

Flip is the stylus that works like the pencil you grew up with. Flip knows what you want it to do without using batteries or Bluetooth. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and gives you all the features and benefits of an active stylus without the complexity. The Flip Artist Kit comes with TruGlide fiber, clear precision disc, and conductive artist paintbrush tips, and a convenient metal carrying case.

Download FlipNotes or other compatible apps to unlock Flip's advanced smart features like flip to erase, perfect palm rejection, hover, and zoom.

Matte Black
Space Gray

"It's amazing. Works well with all my favorite apps. Love it so much." - Lynktec Customer

Artist Kit with Interchangeable Tips

The Flip Artist Kit is a very powerful tool that both professional and amateur digital artists will love. With Flip's interchangeable magnetic tips, the artist in you will be inspired to draw, sketch, and paint in all your favorite apps.


Flip to erase

Perfect palm rejection

Hover and zoom

Bluetooth and battery free

Powered by magnets

Interchangeable magnetic tips

*Compatible with all iPads and iPhones.

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