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July 03, 2013 1 min read

Over the weekend, I was in a remote location in the middle of nowhere.  While there was WiFi, there was no 4G or phone service of any kind for miles.  My battery dove from 100% down to the red sliver of 1% faster than normal.  I have an iPhone, so of course if you let it die completely, it displays the plug to lightning screen and refuses to turn on for several minutes after beginning its recharge.


10 Tips to Improve Your Cellphone Battery Life is a helpful article I found on MSN.com to share with the amazing LYNKtec blog readers.  So, if you have a rapidly receding slice of red, and you still have a lengthy, boring wait at the post office ahead of you before you get home to recharge, these tips can help.

I’ll admit…. I do have a software update awaiting my attention.  So that will probably help lengthen my battery life.  I just wanted to back up my phone first…. Just in case…. Especially since my phone decided it would be fun to suddenly delete all of my contacts one day last week.
Best of luck with your new battery tips!

By Jennie S.

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