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December 20, 2013 1 min read

funny shirt for Christmas holiday season
Christmas is only 5 days away!  Whether you're a last-minute shopper or someone who thinks up gifts throughout the year, you'll probably relate to one of these.

Here are a couple of funny articles to make your holiday season extra merry.  Share with friends and family and spread some joy!

Christmas Eve last minute shopping

- by Mackenzie Kruvant, Buzzfeed

My favorite on the list:

17. Even your pets can't escape your joy.

Santa kitty cat adorable cute

....and this might be the most fantastic thing I've read this holiday season.

- by Jessica Misener, Buzzfeed

My favorites on the list:

2. Try to save money in fun ways whenever possible.

funny air freshener

18. Follow directions carefully.

funny dad thing to do

Best of luck with your shopping, and have a wonderful holiday season!

some ecards funny Christmas
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By Jennie S.

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