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August 29, 2013 3 min read

Art enthusiasts and tech lovers alike are fascinated by this new style of painting.  Using apps like ArtStudio Pro ($4.99, but there's a FREE Lite version) and FinngrPro ($0.99), modern-day artists can create wonderful pieces of digital art on their tablets.

You never know when inspiration will strike.  With this emerging art form, artists can take out their iPads and begin sketching or painting immediately.  Evan Thomas is an iPad artist who started out just drawing as a way to pass the time.  Now he showcases his work at State Fairs and even teaches classes in iPad art.

We are honored that Evan's preferred tool is his TruGlide Stylus!  In his bio below, he talks about how he got started, exhibiting at the California State Fair, and of course, his stylus preference. (I especially like the part where he calls the TruGlide "the greatest thing since sliced cheese"!)

Sacramento artist with digital iPad art
Evan Thomas showcases his iPad art at the California State Fair


- Biography - 

Evan Thomas is an iPad artist, instructor, and gallery curator based in Sacramento, California where he most recently exhibited and demonstrated iPad Art to very curious attendees at the California State Fair.

Evan had returned earlier this year to exhibiting art after years of absence from the scene. He first showed and sold his pieces as high quality Giclee original art prints in signed limited editions which were created on an iTouch.  Now his preferred device is an iPad Mini. The images were painted with no intention of  showing or gaining a career. They were instead made to pass time - like others who knit or play Angry Birds do. Producing new pieces almost daily, he found that he had enough artwork to put together a show in Midtown Sacramento.

The California State Fair's Carol Buchanan had followed Evan's postings on his Facebook artist page -  (evan thomas sacramento ipad art ranch - facebook.com/ipadart). She invited him to exhibit and demonstrate iPad art at the State Fair, giving him a 100 square foot booth right at the entrance of the Fair's Fine Art Hall and a parade of 45,000 fairgoers. Many were amazed that you could even do art on an iPad and wanted to know what program was used. Evan uses primarily ArtStudio Pro ($4.99 at the App Store), but suggests FinngrPro (free) for younger artists.

Many fairgoers also wanted to know what physical tools he used. Evan recommended the TruGlide stylus, which he preferred to rubber tip styluses, since the microfiber technology allows the aptly named TruGlide to quickly and easily glide over the screen. Going from idea to execution became almost immediate with TruGlide. A rubber tipped stylus in comparison feels likes it's plowing through drying glue. Another attractive feature of the TruGlide stylus is that it has a smaller tip, giving artists much more control over little details of their artwork. Evan also noticed how quick and productive he was with a TruGlide stylus, which he likes to refer to as the "best thing since sliced cheese."
Those interested in seeing more of Evan's artwork and his almost daily new additions to his portfolio can follow him at evanartworks.com. Often his final iPad art pieces are accompanied with beginning and intermediate stages.

Watch this video to see how Evan got started with iPad art, what apps he likes to use, and his exhibit at the California State Fair!

Watch one of his works created from start to finish!

Visit Evan's website, evanartworks.com, or check out his Facebook page, facebook.com/ipadart, to see more!

By Jennie S.

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