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July 01, 2019 3 min read

With your child pointing at everything, proclaiming “I need that,” while back to school shopping, it can be difficult to determine what back-to-school gear is a necessity. School supplies go beyond the traditional pencil-and-pencil-case that was needed back in the day, and instead, many classrooms have implemented technology to allow for modernized learning. But what does your child reallyneed for back to school gear? Let’s find out.

 3 Digital Learning Tools Your Child Will Benefit From


An Electronic Stylus


Almost every school in today’s world has at least one tablet in the classroom; your child likely has one of their own at home or at the very least, they resort to borrowing yours every chance they get. While tablets are often associated with awesome apps and games, they can be a powerful learning tool for students. However, the key is to add in traditional skills with modern learning which is where an electronic stylus comes into place.

A fine point stylus can be used with a tablet to encourage your child to actually write instead of tapping away at the screen while doing their homework. They’re also great for working through math problems, as your child can do the work right on the screen.

A digital art artist brush for iPad is a great option if your child prefers art or is taking classes that focus on careers that involve drawing, such as graphic design, engineering or even trade skills.

Now, before you start thinking you have to fork over a fortune for brand name stylus, opt for an apple pencil alternative. They’re just as great at getting the job done.


An iPad Stand Promotes Efficiency and Productivity

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Speaking of tablets and purchasing an apple pencil alternative for your child going back to school, an iPad standis also a modernized must have. While they may seem like a luxury item, iPad tablets actually make it easier and more comfortable for your child to do the work on their tablet. This allows them to work more efficiently and effectively, while also deterring what many doctors are referring to as “texting neck” syndrome.  


Portable Wireless Charger for Digital Learning

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You can buy your child all the digital must have back to school gear out there, but without a portable wireless charger, they won’t serve many purposes. Unlike traditional school supplies, the modernized must haves need to be charged regularly in order to work. So, as you’re shopping for an artist stylus, a fine point stylus and an iPad stand for your child preparing for a new school year, don’t forget to add a portable charger to your online cart as well.

We recommend a portable wireless charger for students heading back to school, as they can easily take it with them to school; to their friends to do group projects; to the kitchen table to work on their home; to the library and well, you get the point.


With all this technology that’s being used in the classroom, children today need to have similar equipment at home in order to be able to complete their assignments to their fullest potential. So, before you write off these tech gadgets as “wants”, think about how they can improve your child’s learning experience. The right technology today makes it easier for children to learn and they allow parents to create the same learning atmosphere at home. For example, back in the day parents always had paper and pen in the home because that’s what was used in the classrooms. The concept is the same with tech gadgets – if the teachers are using them to educate your child, your child will benefit from having access to similar gadgets at all times.

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