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December 06, 2015 1 min read

It's about to be the new year, and Lynktec is giving you new products!

New Year, New Stand: The smart way to hold your smartphone

Carry it wherever you go! Makes it easier to take selfies, watch videos, and text.

The 360º Ring Stand is a convenient kickstand and holder for your smartphone. Place your finger through the ring to securely hold your phone without worrying about dropping and damaging it, or use it to prop up your phone for easy viewing.

Buy 2 stands and get 1 free - promo ends at midnight on Sunday, December 6th.

Promo Code: RINGSTAND3

Get your smartphone, tablet or any other smart device get in the holiday spirit when you use this new Smartie cloth with a festive winter design.

"Let it Snow, Man" Smartie screen cleaning cloth

For the winter of 2015/2016, we are proud to present our "Let it Snow, Man" cloth! Like any Smartie from Lynktec, the "Let it Snow, Man" cloth features double sided microfiber to easily clean your screen or lenses. The back side is made out of an antibacterial microfiber material that can safely clean any touchscreen device of any dirt, grime, and bacteria, and the other side is perfect for the final polish of your device.

Lynktec also has 25+ other Smartie designs, so if you can't help yourself and one Smartie cloth isn't enough, Lynktec's buy 5, get 20% off promotion is for you!

Promo Code: GETSMART

By Anna M.

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