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July 02, 2013 2 min read

Dear iCustomers,

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod? This video and article by Bloomberg show that Apple may be planning to add an iWatch to your iCollection. Apple filed for a trademark of the name "iWatch" in Japan earlier this month. Check out this video to see "What Apple Will Bring to Your Wrist":

Video - iWatch: What Apple Will Bring to Your Wrist - Source: Bloomberg

The ideas and predictions about what the watch can do remind me of the movie "The Island" (2005). The futuristic characters scan their technologically-enhanced wrists at the cafeteria, their bodies' nutritional needs are analyzed, and their meal is prepared accordingly.

One of the things I enjoy about my inexpensive, digital watch is that it is waterproof to 15 meters. So, a concern for me would be getting the iWatch wet and ruining it. Also, I tend to be kind of clumsy, run into things, scratch my watch, etc. I don't really mind parting with my $15 once every year or two to replace my scratched-up Target watch. However, if I had a watch that cost hundreds of dollars, replacing it would be less than practical. That being said, a watch does seem like a logical next step in technological advancements and smart devices. Imagine we do become more like the characters in "The Island", and our watch tells us the right combination of how many Snickers bars we need to eat + how many Lady Gaga songs we need on our playlist to survive a winter expedition in Antarctica. If the iWatch really is capable of these outrageous things, it sounds like it could be the next step in our apparent quest toward becoming a robotic species. Hopefully it will be durable enough for everyday use, even by those who are a little less than graceful!

Read the article about Apple's new trademark desires here:

Article - Apple Seeks to Trademark ‘IWatch’ in Japan for Devices

By Naoko Fujimura and Takashi Amano - Source: Bloomberg

What do you think about the potential iWatch? What SmartFeatures would be beneficial to have on your wrist, and what features would seem a little ridiculous? Do you want an iWatch? Let us know!


An intrigued iPerson

By Jennie S.

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