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Flip Compatible Apps (List)

FlipNotes | READY

FlipNotes is for creating and capturing ideas and images on the go with your iPad and iPhone. Create notes, annotate photos, diagrams, or drawings and share them with your friends using email, Facebook, or Dropbox.

MotionGames | READY

MotionGames contains a collection of 6 mini educational games for kids. Each of the games can be played with your Flip stylus or with your fingers.

MotionLamp | READY

MotionLamp is an application that helps children develop their observation and memory skills. In this game, kids will explore a new world where their Flip stylus lights the way to new adventures! Every game is in the dark, so kids will have to hover the stylus over the screen to reveal the scene and use their observation skills to memorize and find the hidden objects.

MotionCrayon | READY

The kids' app MotionCrayon is a drawing and coloring application to develop children's creativity. This free app includes a wide range of colors that can be used with 3 different types of brushes for different effects. Your child can set the size and the opacity of the lines for more realistic results. You can start from a blank canvas or choose among a selection of 48 drawings to color the way you want. Images can be saved on the device and be shared with the whole family!

MotionBody | READY

MotionBody is a free learning app for kids that will teach them about the human body. In this game, kids use their Flip stylus to become the explorers of the human body. The game enables 3D interaction functions, so you can reveal the various layers of the body and select organs to learn more about them. Each organ function is explained in details with animation.

ZoomNotes | READY

ZoomNotes is the most comprehensive visual note-taking app with unlimited zoom. Make handwritten notes and sketches on virtual paper, near-infinite WhiteBoards , PDF files, images and MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents (via GoogleDrive).

ZoomNotes is compatible with any capacitive stylus pen and also with the top electronic pens on the market.


Beautiful and realistic inking effects, simple user interface, close-up writing, and automatic palm rejection are some of the features that make this app a favorite among top reviewers.

“INKredible for iPad is an excellent note-taking app” - TUAW
“This New Handwriting App For iPad Promises To Be Quite INKredible” - AppAdvice.com

Notes Plus | IN PROGRESS

Notes Plus is a handwriting note-taking iPad app that will revolutionize the way you take notes. The more you use Notes Plus, the more you realize that you will never take notes the same way again. Out of over 1.3 million apps on the Apple’s App Store, Notes Plus is selected as one of the top 100 greatest apps (Business Insider).


GoodNotes lets you take beautiful handwritten notes and annotate PDF documents. The handwritten notes are searchable and are created using a pioneering vector ink engine. Thanks to iCloud sync, your documents in GoodNotes will synchronize between your iPad and iPhone automatically.

Concepts | IN PROGRESS

The future of professional design is here: Concepts intelligently combines paper + pencil with powerful vector manipulation. Make quick sketches, beautiful illustrations, and precise drawings with ease and style.

Animation Desk Cloud | IN PROGRESS

Addictively fun and instantly usable. Animation Desk is the most comprehensive ani-mation tool in the app store. Available on both iPad and iPhone, Animation Desk al-lows you to create animations, drawing cartoons or just some light sketching when you're on the go.


PDF Markup Cloud, the brand-new PDF Reader by Kdan, is an expert of PDF viewing, editing, and organizing. Like Adobe Acrobat Reader that you’re used to, it allows you to add PDF annotations, sign or write on documents, highlight web pages, and back up files with all the popular cloud storage services directly from your iPhone or iPad. PDF Markup Cloud is here to help you sort through excessive information while at home, in the office, or on the go.


Stay organized and take notes with multimedia aid. NoteLedge is a digital notepad that allows you to sketch ideas, write memos, insert photos, record audios or videos, add stickers, and clip web pages. You can create beautiful notes, organize everything neatly, and present your work with ease. Sync your notes to the cloud, and take all your notes with you wherever you go. This is the only app you will need for note-taking, journaling, scrapbooking, and documentation.

Write-On Video | IN PROGRESS

Your alternative to iMovie and Adobe Premiere Clip. Write-on Video is a video editing app that allows you to add texts, audio recordings, stickers, and drawings on videos. Make movies, edit videos, create scripts, and annotate your storyboards with a running commentary. The learning curve is non-existent: You will be able to pick it all up in an instant and create personalized videos in seconds.