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July 26, 2013 1 min read

According to the article Google sets Internet record with 25 percent of U.S. traffic on CNET, 25 percent of North America's consumer web traffic travels through Google's servers.  This is up from just 6 percent of Internet traffic in 2010, the last time the study was done by Internet monitoring firm Deepfield.  60 percent of all Internet end devices/users exchange traffic with Google servers during the course of an average day.  That makes Google bigger than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined!

Of course, you may just want to visit Google to see if there's a fun doodle for the day.  Yesterday, Google honored the would-be 93rd birthday of biophysicist Rosalind Franklin.  Her research in X-ray crystallography was essential to the discovery of the structure of human DNA, but unfortunately, she died before she could even be nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Rosalind Franklin birthday celebrated with Google doodle

I started reading about Google doodles on their website, and the history is interesting.... In 1998, the Google founders, Larry and Sergey, placed a stick person behind one of the logo's O's.  They did it as a funny "out of office" message for Google users, while they were attending the Burning Man festival.  Now there is a whole team of Google Doodlers, and they have created over 1,000 doodles around the world!  You can see them all here!

Google original doodle burning man logo

By Jennie S.

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