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July 29, 2013 1 min read

Maybe you have an iPhone 4, and you're very happy with it.  Just a little wear and tear, but no need to upgrade yet.

customer smiling and happy with iphone 4

Maybe you're waiting for the iPhone 6 to come out, but when???

Waiting for iphone 6 to come out at Apple store

You'll probably find this video - Make your old iPhone run like new - by Donald Bell very useful.  It has some tips and tricks to clean up your iPhone and make your life a little easier.  You know that game that was FREE and looked really fun in the App Store.... had to connect to a WiFi network to download it.... yeaaaaaah, you never play that, do you?  By deleting that huge, space-sucking game off your phone, you can make it run a little faster.

Also, if you're having trouble with your home button, here is another video - Four ways to fix an unresponsive iPhone home button - by Sharon Vaknin.  Sharon offers four.... progressively more intensive.... options for making your home button work nicely.  Check out people's comments at the bottom of the page; these tips worked well for them!

Hope these tips make your phone experiences a little better!

By Jennie S.

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