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November 19, 2019 3 min read 3 Comments

Styluses have come a long way. What was originally used in 1300 BC by Romans to write on wax tablets has now transformed into the electronic stylus that are used on touchscreen devices. But with such a major gap in between, you may be wondering about the history of the stylus and how styli got to where they are today? Let’s find out.

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1300 BC: The First Stylus Ever

When you hear the term “stylus”, you immediately think of an electronic stylus. However, these writing tools have been around since 1300 BC. Philosophers, politicians, poets, and scientists would use styluses made out of earth’s materials, such as rock, to write down their discoveries on wax tablets. So, it seems tablets have also come a long way. All joking aside, the very first stylus also marks the creation of the Roman alphabet as well.


1300 – 1600 AD: Bone Stylus

Although inventions didn’t evolve as quickly as they do in today’s digital world, humans have always had a natural ability to make something better. Between the years of 1300 and 1600 AD, the first bone stylus was created which, as you may have guessed, was made from the bone of animals.


600 – 1800 AD: Feather Quill Stylus

The feather quill pens were the next advancement to the stylus which happened during the years of 600 and 1800 AD. This version took on the traditional caveman stylus concept and combined it with a modernized discovery – ink. People would dip the plucked feathers into ink, and use them to jot down their ideas.


The 1700s: The Wooden Pencil

As the world began to discover a vast array of new materials and new ways of doing things, the traditional pencil was created. This occurred during the late 1700's and was invented by Nicolas-Jacques Conté who found that when clay was mixed with powdered graphite, a new writing tool was formed.


The 1880s: Fancy Fountain Pens

The wood pencil simply wasn’t enough for some people. This led to the invention of metal-tipped pens which occurred in the 1800's. Fast forward to the late 1800's, and another new writing tool was created that transformed the latest invention into fancy, elegant styles. They were such a hit that many people still use fountain pens today.


The 1900s: Ballpoint and Felt-Tipped Pens & The First Electronic Stylus Were Created

In the early 1900s, John J. Loud had a desire to create a stylus that one could use on a coarser surface, such as wood or paper. This led him to creating and patenting the first ever ballpoint pen. 20 years later in 1960, felt-tipped writing materials became a hit after Yukio Horie discovered the artistic features of the fabric.  

In 1957, the first stylus for computing devices was created which marks the beginning of what has now become a staple writing tool in every household and classroom.


Major changes have happened throughout the course of history, and as the world adapts to a digital age, styluses have followed in suit. Today, you can find a vast array of electronic styli for all types of different projects, such as an artist stylus for art endeavors, fine point stylus for detailed drawings and writing, and mesh tips for a natural writing experience. The possibilities are endless and you no longer have to strain your wrist and tap repeatedly on the screen with your finger to complete a task, nor do you have to carve into wax tablets or cave walls.

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Drawing tablet thin pen
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April 28, 2021

Stylus pens are used for a lot of things and is been there from a very long time. It was actually great to know about the history of stylus pen. Really! Learned a lot after reading this wonderful post here.
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