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September 26, 2014 1 min read

What's your favorite advertisement out there today? I tend prefer the ones that don't seem like they're selling anything. These are the ones that feed directly into your emotions and make you want to be a part of something.

Tech companies spend an excess of billions of dollars every year in order to advertise and it seems like they are really pushing the creative envelope in order to reach audiences in new ways. Here are my Top 10 Tech Ads - What Grabs Your Attention?

1. Sony Vaio uses young businessman with cool toys

young business man with jet

2. Panasonic shows life-size robot getting bossed around by a little girl

little girl and robot

3. Sony MicroVault--gives a close representation of what it is capable of

3. World Wildlife Fund--pulls right on your heart strings with these beady eyes

cute monkey chimp orangutan world wildlife funds big eyes

4. T-Mobile-- Literally puts a face in a hand to represent the feeling of proximity

5. 4G LTE--brings a Sci-Fi approach to "world at your fingertips"

4G LTE tablet next generation ipad world

6. Olympus--gives you an animal in an unlikely place

young guy takes picture with koala

7. SONY--uses a cute little girl to show the contrast between her and the TV 

cute little girl sits on big comfy couch

8. Ford Fusion gives the audience the power to take control

car key to take over the world

10. SKY HD demonstrates an athlete kicking low definition in the butt

soccer player wins over low definition
And then there's this hilarious spoof on tablets...
What kind of ad grabs your attention? Let me know, share your favorites below! :)

By Jennie S.

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